The study of your personal style

meet mary

maryboersmabiopic3As a peer renowned fashionista and Chicago Fashion Examiner, Mary has been helping to turn closet cases into fashion mavens since 2006. Thriving on a strict diet of fashion and lifetyle magazines- Mary knows what’s hot, what’s now, what’s next- and perhaps most importantly where to find it!

Working in the advertising/marketing industry, Mary’s on the forefront of the latest cultural trends and recognizes the importance of that first impression. Her passion and enthusiasm for style led her to found CLOSETOLGY – because how you present yourself to the world, is ultimately what you say to it. Her goal is to help others uncover/finesse their personal style, take control of their closets, and be no less than FABULOUS!

Her specialties include: creating great looks for less, finding inspiration with in your own closet, and bringing the runway to the everyday.

Want to know more?

Catch up with her daily fashion musings at or contact her to chat about how to take your closet from drab to fab! Follow her on twitter @CLOSETOLOGY